The Midnight Mass Anthology is a collection of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, mixed media, and art inspired by Netflix’s Midnight Mass limited series, which was directed by Mike Flanagan. Between vampirism and religion, these creative works exude the bloodiest type of communion. Welcome to church at the darkest of night, dear reader.



Rachael Crosbie, Editor

Rachael Crosbie (they/them) is the editor-in-chief of the winnow, a poetry editor for Dollar Store Magazine, and a poetry reader for Persephone’s Daughters. They have four poetry chapbooks: swerveMIXTAPESself-portrait as poems about bad poetry, and Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen. Their fifth poetry chapbook, Peanut [the cat] auditions as Courage [...from Courage the Cowardly Dog], will be published July 2022. Rachael has three cats: Peanut, Cuties, and Skitty. You can find them on Twitter @rachaelapoet posting about squishmallows, She-Ra and The Princesses of Power, and their cats.

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Charlie D'Aniello TRIGUEROS, Editor

Charlie D’Aniello Trigueros (he/they) is a queer and trans Costa Rican-Dominican author, editor, and self-proclaimed malcontent. He is the editor-in-chief of warning lines literary and author of THE ONE & THE OTHER (2021), BETWEEN DEATH & FLIGHT (2022), PLACES (coming spring 2022, Gutslut Press), and more. Among his hobbies are reading, arguing, and being an utterly incomprehensible person. His work has appeared in Wrongdoing Magazine, perhappened, the winnow, The NoSleep Podcast, and others. Find him on twitter @beelzebadger.